I Am An Internet Explorer

Found Fridays

When I was little, I would often interrupt a conversation with something I found particularly interesting and relevant. My father would then exclaim, “and that was another random fact from Haley Gatewood.” Apparently, my thoughts weren’t as relevant to the conversations as I thought.

Now as a “grown up,” my love for random information is just as strong – and amplified thanks to the rise of the internet. Websites like Wikipedia and Mental Floss are some of my favorite resources, and Twitter provides me with a constant stream of facts, theories, and news. I tend to files things away either in my brain, a bookmark folder in my web browser, or a never-closed TextEdit file on my desktop. But now I want to start sharing things with you lovely people. So, every Friday, I will write a post of the top things I’ve discovered on the internet, like a map to the journey my brain took that week. Read it; devour it; ignore it – do whatever you like. But hopefully you’ll learn a little about me and the world around you.

Internet Explorations:

1. Geofiction – apparently, cartography nerds create fictional worlds and map them out in more detail than most real maps.

2. Book Tea – are you a book geek? Make yourself a fresh pot of Sherlock Holmes or host a tea party with Lolita leaves. Okay, so the brand isn’t real, but it’s super cool regardless.

3. Warped Childhood – a man narrates his adventure through a Restoration Kids & Babies catalog, making me wish I, too, had a child named Emmaline Clothilde Sinclair-Murray.

4. Ragged Stuffed Animals – a photo series of well-loved stuffed animals. I think my childhood teddy, Oatmeal, would fit right in with his shrunken, punched-in nose.

5. Feminism is Making Women Unhappy – in high school I called myself an anti-feminist, only to be told by my freshman college english professor that I’m a “European Feminist.” Either way, I think that modern American feminism has gone too far. Thus, I found this article really interesting.

6. The Dissolve – I’m a movie aficionado. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and stalk the Internet Movie Database. The Dissolve takes a more academic look at film, which is fascinating.

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