Found Friday: November 15, 2014

Found Fridays

As mentioned in a previous post, I am an Internet Explorer. And every Friday I’m going to start sharing fun things I’ve found on the throughout the week. Partly in a celebration of knowledge, partly in the hopes that some of y’all will know what I’m talking about if I bring these up in random conversations. What can I say? I’m selfish.

1. Actors Breaking Character On Set – a neat look behind the scenes of classic movies.

2. Myers-Brigg Accessories – as most of you know, I love MBTI (I’m an INTJ). This site has some fun, although goofy, mugs and things to help you show off your personality type.

3. Dinovember – every November, these parents try to convince their kids that their toy dinosaurs come to life when they are asleep. Adorable.

4. The Art of Book Dedications – I found an article that mourned the dying art of the book dedication and the stories they tell. This led me to this quaint blog of, well, book dedications.

5. Why Lemony Snicket Is Awesome – my sister shared this one with me. The author’s response to his books being destroyed for crafting purposes reminds me why I love his work so much.

6. 20 Things I Should Have Known at 20 – a man gives advice for young adults. A good read.

I Am An Internet Explorer

Found Fridays

When I was little, I would often interrupt a conversation with something I found particularly interesting and relevant. My father would then exclaim, “and that was another random fact from Haley Gatewood.” Apparently, my thoughts weren’t as relevant to the conversations as I thought.

Now as a “grown up,” my love for random information is just as strong – and amplified thanks to the rise of the internet. Websites like Wikipedia and Mental Floss are some of my favorite resources, and Twitter provides me with a constant stream of facts, theories, and news. I tend to files things away either in my brain, a bookmark folder in my web browser, or a never-closed TextEdit file on my desktop. But now I want to start sharing things with you lovely people. So, every Friday, I will write a post of the top things I’ve discovered on the internet, like a map to the journey my brain took that week. Read it; devour it; ignore it – do whatever you like. But hopefully you’ll learn a little about me and the world around you.

Internet Explorations:

1. Geofiction – apparently, cartography nerds create fictional worlds and map them out in more detail than most real maps.

2. Book Tea – are you a book geek? Make yourself a fresh pot of Sherlock Holmes or host a tea party with Lolita leaves. Okay, so the brand isn’t real, but it’s super cool regardless.

3. Warped Childhood – a man narrates his adventure through a Restoration Kids & Babies catalog, making me wish I, too, had a child named Emmaline Clothilde Sinclair-Murray.

4. Ragged Stuffed Animals – a photo series of well-loved stuffed animals. I think my childhood teddy, Oatmeal, would fit right in with his shrunken, punched-in nose.

5. Feminism is Making Women Unhappy – in high school I called myself an anti-feminist, only to be told by my freshman college english professor that I’m a “European Feminist.” Either way, I think that modern American feminism has gone too far. Thus, I found this article really interesting.

6. The Dissolve – I’m a movie aficionado. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and stalk the Internet Movie Database. The Dissolve takes a more academic look at film, which is fascinating.