The Things They Do


10 Things I Know About Guys:

1. they claim to know nothing about us… but they do

2. beating us in video games boosts their self-esteem

3. many like the “comfort” of skinny jeans despite the obvious obstacles they present

4. they yearn to save the ‘damsel in distress’ (bring back chivalry!)

5. they can eat their weight in any substance and still have room for dessert

6. no matter how much they will deny it, they played with dolls when they were younger, AKA “action figures”

7. they like smart girls, despite the “stupid hot girl” stereotype

8. they secretly love chick-flicks

9. they will make anything into a competition, leading to events such as syrup-chugging, “who can jump higher”, and “how much can I get away with without dying or ending up in the hospital” contests

10. they will always need us and we will always need them

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