Give to Caesar What Is Caesar’s


It’s that time again. The time of the year that we all anxiously await, excited and ready to burst. Yes, you guessed it, Tax Day! I hate Tax Day. Having had to pay taxes since the tender age of twelve, (child slave-labor? no, commercial modeling for JC Penny and Dillard’s as well as working for Radio Disney, but good guess!), I have come to despise this day just as much as any member of United State’s labor force. It just so happens that I just finished attempting to electronically file my taxes using one of the heavily advertised on-line tax services that always end up letting you down. Having finally completed my taxes (which took way too long for someone of my miniscule income level), I was informed that I was missing a very important piece of info that I HAVE to have in order to file on-line. So I had to personally call the IRS – a scary thought, I know – only to have them 1. question my identity, and 2. tell me that they show no record of me ever filing last year – both preposterous assumptions if I do say so myself. So now I have to mail in my return… but the online service gave me two PDFs, a 5-paged document and a 29-paged one, failing to tell me which one I needed to send in to the government. Leaving me only to conclude that Tax Day Sucks.

I find it funny that one day of the year can cause so much good and so much bad at the same time. Good because it funds the government, bad because it causes so many problems. Taxes have always been an issue in our nation’s history from the Boston Tea Party on up. Even now there are citizens of our country planning a “New American Tea Party” to be held this year on Tax Day (minus the Indian costumes and barrels of tariffed tea kegs). We just can’t seem to be happy with our taxes, and we never will. I don’t really mind paying the taxes, it is important to keeping our nation running, I just wish that it was easier to do.

What we should do is plan a national Tax Week, where all the auditors and personal accountants are forced to do everyone’s taxes for free. Talk about slave labor…

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