Oh, Canada

Advertising, Rant

Portfolio class is in full swing – partners have been picked, product assignments are slowly coming in, and the stress is slowly bubbling up to the brim. What is my first product? Canada Travel & Tourism. What does that mean? Well, it means I’m basically charged with the quest of advertising an entire country, which wouldn’t be so bad if Canada weren’t so dang diverse! I’m glad it has so much culture and heritage and events and activities to pursue because those are good benefits for the consumer, but heck, how can I possibly capture all that Canada has to offer in three print ads? *please note here that we are now allowed to do commercials as well as print, but my Art Director and I decided that print would be better* Of course, how does anyone advertise a country as big as Canada? How does one advertise the US or Russia (ok, well, I guess no one advertises Russia, but you get my point…). What’s worse is that my prof is out of town (he flew to Haiti to help with the relief programs which is totally awesome and I respect his decision) and so we have had a week of absolutely no consulting on our concepts, so most of us feel like we are floating in a pool of thoughts without anything concrete to grab hold of to keep us floating. So right now all I can say is “oh, Canada…”

One thought on “Oh, Canada

  1. We ended up developing a pretty awesome campaign after we narrowed our client to Quebec. You can check out the ads in my portfolio section by clicking on the tab on the left side of your screen. Enjoy, eh!

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