Sick Day Philosophy


I took a sick day yesterday. My second sick day ever. Impressive right? And what does Haley do when she is sick? Apparently write philosophical notes on her iPhone while half-conscious. Which I present to you now:

It’s amazing to me how much power one little word can have. Like, “yes.” Or “no.” Or “stop.” Or “go.” Just one word can carry with it the power of two thousand words – all by itself. Like “land!” And “duck!” And “why?” And “don’t.” One little word can command armies or stop machines. It can warn of harm or demand an explanation. It can say “please” and “thanks” and “certainly” and “sure.” It can make you feel “better” or make you feel “worse.” 

Words don’t exist. Not really. They are creations of our own making. Just sounds and shapes of sounds all mashed together and attached to something to give it meaning. And yet, without them we would have no meaning at all. I would not be “me” and you would not be “you.” That table wouldn’t be “table”, it would be just another object in a corner of the room. 

Words declare things. Call things into being. Words have more power than we can possibly have. They aren’t mere tools. Words are beings of their own. Living, breathing entities. Words are alive. 

When In Rome