Childhood Dreams Come True

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When I was younger, I had a dream of writing greeting cards for a living. Although that dream has since faded, it doesn’t make having a greeting card I wrote actually published any less awesome. That’s right. I wrote a greeting card and it’s getting published!

A year ago my friend and work partner, Alan, and I entered a contest on Threadless, a crowd-sourced t-shirt design website, to make a greeting card. Our birthday card design was selected to be part of their collection and will be exclusively sold at Target starting June 16th. Yes, that Target.

This is what it looks like:



Some of you might cry, “Heretic! Haley doesn’t drink! Why is this card about drinking?” And that is true, I do not partake in the drinking of alcoholic beverages and am a complete teetotaler. I wrote this card on a whim and never thought it would actually make its way into the aisles of a store – or the hands of a person. That being said, I’m not against alcohol. I just don’t support drinking in excess. Alcoholism runs in my family and after 3 years of being an RA I know far too well the negative side of drinking. That being said, moderation people. Moderation.

So if you’re too lazy to make your own card and wanna get your bud one that is clever and quick to the point, hop over to Target and buy one of mine. Or buy fifty. Because I get to split 20% of the profits with Alan and we wanna roll around in wads of greeting card cash.



How to Dream

A dream is nothing special, just a thought inside your head,
that is either filled with fervor or with hopelessness instead,
The fervor can inspire, while the hopelessness can kill,
You need more than desire, more than aptitude or will.

But if you find a passion and with passion find a spark,
your dream can catch on fire and then flare up in the dark.
Not satisfied to simmer hiding deep within your soul,
It yearns to become partnered with direction and a goal.

With little more than warmth and drive, the flame will start to spread,
and grow to something bigger than what once fit in your head.
A dream like that’s contagious, and will light the nearest match
because passion is the sickness that is easiest to catch.

One match will light another and that match will do the same,
Uniting one another with the ardor of the flame.
No longer small and wavering, the dream is full of might,
Bolstered by the hundreds that illuminate the night.

The fire won’t stop growing and it cannot be ignored,
It is fiercer than a lion and is sharper than a sword.
A force as strong as nature needed just to be unfurled,
And what started out as nothing can go and change the world.

Dreams unexpressed are silent, but with action start a roar,
All you need is passion and the courage to endure.
Change has to start with someone and that someone could be you.
And someday you can say that you had a dream once, too.