Death & The Circus

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5 Reasons Why “Your Pet Ran Away To The Circus” Is A Stupid Excuse For Death:

1. Have you ever seen a fleet of trapeze-walking hamsters at the circus? How about a group of fire-breathing cats? Clown bunnies? Exactly.

2. Your kids will, at some point in their lives, attend the circus. How do you explain Fluffy’s absence?

3. They will ask questions. Which leads to the need for more creative lies.


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4. If you wouldn’t use the circus as an excuse for the death of a friend, family member, or loved one, then you shouldn’t use it in the case of a pet either.

5. Kids aren’t stupid. We shouldn’t treat them like they are. Death is real. And our conversations about it should be honest and frank, not shrouded in mumbo-jumbo.

When In Rome



Sorry, Buddy.

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