The Luna Book

To help educate children about oral hygiene, MMI developed a books series for Dentistry For Children featuring a lovable character, Luna the Tooth Fairy. For the third installment, I got to throw my hat in by developing a new storyline incorporating Luna and her friends, Lionel and Libby. The following are excerpts from the 15-page fully illustrated book.

The story focuses on a major tooth crisis: the moon, which gets its glow from the shiny teeth collected by Tooth Fairies, is losing it’s brightness. Luna needs to tell kids about dental hygiene, and asks Lionel and Libby to help her.

14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_8x8 Through Lionel and Libby, children learn about flossing, tooth-brushing, and other oral hygiene tips in a fun, imaginative way.14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_1 14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_2 14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_3b The storybook ends by inviting children – and parents – to help Luna, too, by keeping their own teeth cleaned.14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_3 14D4C516_Luna Book_D4C-FO_4Art Director: Adrienne Adair
Tiffany Everett

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