Direct Energy (SPEC)

I worked on a team to develop a corporate agenda for Direct Energy. We wanted to create a campaign that helped people understand their relationship with energy. The Energy Potential is the relationship between humanity and energy. Humans have the potential to do amazing things. Energy is the catalyst that helps us achieve them. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Direct Energy has the responsibility to help humanity achieve its energy potential, whether that be supporting individuals or the common good. By highlighting the potential in all of us and pushing for innovation, social welfare, and community focus, Direct Energy can become more than an energy provider, it can become a partner in customers’ well-lived lives.

TheEnergyPotential_ALT.jpg.2048x1566_q90 newspaper.jpg.800x5000_q90 Houston.jpg.2048x1566_q90 Houston_2.jpg.2048x1566_q90 InEnvelope.jpg.2048x1566_q90 park.jpg.2048x1566_q90 bayou.jpg.2048x1566_q90 gym.jpg.2048x1566_q90 TheEnergyPotential_ALT_Subpage.jpg.2048x1566_q90

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