Bob The Musical: The Complete Collection


I’ve always had a hard time remembering people’s birthdays. My senior year of high school, I forgot my good friend Bob’s birthday and I never forgave myself. Thus, I promised myself not only to remember his birthday from then on, but to make it memorable. My sister joined me in my endeavor and, our freshman year of college, we made Bob: The Musical. And we never looked back.

What started out as a funny way to say “Happy Birthday” during our long-distance friendship, became something that we looked forward to. And, unknown to us, something a lot of people looked forward too. This past January at Bob’s wedding, tons of people kept coming up to my sister and I asking if we were the “twins from YouTube.” Apparently, these videos were entertaining more than our Bobby. And that makes me smile.

Below I’ve provided a playlist for the entire collection of Bob The Musicals. Enjoy!

Vlog: Dentists


Today I had a party with my teeth, got my new drivers license, and am going to be in an Anime. Enjoy.


VLOG: Snow Day

Everyday, Videos

I had an amazingly productive and interesting day today. I would write about it, but I got lazy and decided to tell about my adventures today in a video instead of writing it all down. Hopefully, it is semi-entertaining: