Remember that time I wrote a viral Buzzfeed article?


Seven years ago I discovered you could write your own Buzzfeed articles through their community platform. So I put together what I considered the most Buzzfeed-y post I could think of: 7 Pictures of Turtles Pretending to be Other Things. Little did I know I struck a chord.

Buzzfeed’s community portal tracks your content, and gives you feedback in the form of badges. If you write about something Buzzfeed thinks is worthy, they’ll boost your post and share it on their official page.

Well, turns out turtles were popular at the time, Buzzfeed automatically boosted my post and BOOM we were in business. My post got hundred and hundred of views across all social media platforms. People were loving the turtles. I was loving it, too. I had my fun, tried to write more successful posts (and failed), and things eventually died down.

Seven years later…I received an email this morning from Buzzfeed that they’ve given my turtle article a “trending badge.” I quickly looked at my community dashboard and found that 37 people have shared my post on Pinterest in the last 48 hours.

So what’s this point of this post? To remind you that social media is weird. You never know what will resonate and when. And apparently people are very into turtles right now.

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