Dear America


My sister had some thoughts on the election results. Whether you are happy or devastated, I think they are lovely words. Enjoy.

Batir We Go

People are hurting on both sides of the political spectrum. People feel like they are not represented. That no one is listening to them. So much so that some cast their vote for a candidate widely seen as unfit for office. Those people did that because they want to be heard. They are tired of being portrayed as racists and bigots by mainstream media. They are tired of being told they are backwards and ignorant. And so today I am listening.
However, there are many people who woke up yesterday in fear and mourning. They too feel that no one can hear their cries. They believe the majority of Americans think their lives don’t matter. That they aren’t worthy of human dignity. They fear that they’ve lost their chance to be heard and that hate has won. And so I am listening.
This election has been incredibly messy…

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