Oh The Thinks That I Think

Sometimes, people look at me with that familiar, “what is she smoking?” gaze. While I have come to both disdain and enjoy these moments, I also realize that many people actually are curious as to what goes on inside my head. Here’s a few thinks I’ve thought of today. Hopefully, it will give you a glimpse of how my brain works on a regular basis.


1. How come this kind of runway model…


is more famous than this kind of runway model?


2. Some celebrities have stage names when I think their real names are pretty spectacular.

Like Milton Teagle Simmons


and Robert Matthew Van Winkle.


3. Mandark was a pretty awesome super villain.

4. Him was a pretty frightening super villain.

5. I can’t spell villain correctly.

6. Can you whistle while blowing a bubble gum bubble?


7. I want to buy a pair of saddles shoes.


8.  I also really just want to sing right now.

9. Things are better in nugget form.

Like gold nuggets

gold-nuggets-and chicken nuggets

chick-fil-a-spicy-nuggetsand fruit nuggets, which I am currently consuming.


10. In the social hierarchy of punctuation marks, the semi-colon is definitely the awkward friend you don’t want to invite to parties; but do anyway because you feel like you should.

Well, there you have it. A brief look at the inner-workings of my brain. And just think. It’s only 11:00 a.m.

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