The Cake Coefficient


I’m working on a rudimentary theory that if you take something that is either boring or upsetting and add baked goods it becomes better. My case:

Stress sucks. But stress-baking? Awesome.

Sleep-walking is annoying. Sleep-baking? Awesome.

Class is lame. Baking class? Awesome.

Birthdays are fun. Birthday cake? Awesome.

Walking is boring. Cake walk? Awesome.

Cups are lame. Cupcakes? Awesome.

Pans are useful. Pancakes? Awesome.

Fights are hurtful. Cake fights? Awesome.


Milk is okay. Milk and cookies? Awesome.

Cookies are nice. Cookie cakes? Awesome.

Funerals are sad. Funeral cakes? Okay, my theory might end here.

Or does it?

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