Richard Simmons: Social Media Genius

Here’s a post from my side project, Shaking Up Social, where I geek out about social media and things. Today’s post is all about my man, Richard Simmons. Enjoy!

Shaking Up Social

It’s no secret that I love Richard Simmons. His sparkle tanks and sugary personality get me every time. But who knew that behind his fit exterior lies the brain of a social media guru? A few months ago I decided to tweet out a silly dream of mine and that is where my Simmons social media education began:

Richard copy

That’s right. THE Richard Simmons tweeted me back within hours of my original tweet. Upon closer look at @TheWeightSaint‘s Twitter Feed I discovered that he responds to every single mention he gets. EVERY ONE. To test the legitimacy of his Twitter account, I did a little experiment and made Richard the feature of my Daily Doodle for that day:

photo 1

Needless to say, I was sold. So I followed @TheWeightSaint and I have enjoyed every minute of Richard’s instagrams of sparkle tees and tweets about trips to the zoo. Because I feel…

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