Home (A Simple Poem)


Home isn’t where you lay your head,
Or where you keep your clothes,
It isn’t where you make your bed,
Or where you blow your nose.

Home isn’t where you brush your teeth,
Or where you sit to eat,
It isn’t even where you sleep,
Or where you rest your feet.

Home isn’t where you first were born,
Or where you went to school,
It isn’t where your jeans were torn,
When kids thought you weren’t cool.

Home isn’t hidden underground,
Or in a building nice and tall,
It may not be in just one place,
Or in a place at all.

Home may not be where it once was,
Or where you thought it’d be,
It may be far from those you love,
By more than one degree.

Home may not be here nor there,
But it isn’t very far,
Home is having friends who care,
And love you for who you are.

So whether you live down the street,
Or far across the sea,
Home is knowing you are loved,
And that’s all it needs to be.

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