Eurotrip 2012 – London (Days 1 & 2)

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Yesterday we arrived in London by train at King’s Cross Station. For you Harry Potter fans, that’s where Platform 9 3/4 is. Anyway, we walked from the station to the neighborhood where our flat is–Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is a famous hangout of a bunch of literary peeps like Virginia Wolfe, George Orwell, and Lytton Strachey. So, basically, we picked the most awesomely nerdy place to live. We actually got a bit lost, but finally found our place. We checked in with the owner, a punk rocker named Helen. Then, we set out for the local Tesco to buy groceries for the week. (We’ve decided to cook all our dinners at home to save money so we can do more fun things.) Ali made us a fabulous dinner of soup over rice and a salad. Pictures are pending since I can’t upload photos to my iPad, but I promise it looked amazing! Exhausted from the days travels, we spent the rest of the night recuperating in our flat.

This morning we took London by storm. We bought 7-day passes to the Tube and took the subway to Charing’s Cross where we began a walk through the original city and down the Strand. We went through Trafalgar Square, the financial district, passed St. Paul’s, and the London Bridge. We made a quick pitstop at H&M to buy some cooler clothes since its currently the hottest week of the year and we packed for cold weather. Then, we grabbed lunch and Ali and I tried out Humus Brothers, a chain that’s like chipotle but with humus. After lunch we toured the Bank of England and learned about the confusing nature of English currency…Then, we taste-tested our way through the Borough Market, a giant farmers’ market. We ended our journey at Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern. At The Globe, we bought tickets for a matinee showing of Anthony & Cleopatra. The tickets are standing room, so we’ll get to pretend that we are peasants enjoying a good show! After the Tate Modern we walked across the Millennium Bridge back to the Tube station and came home. We have been walking from 9am to 5pm!

Tomorrow will be just as busy, but with much less walking!

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