A Children’s Psalm


Not Me

I don’t fit in your little world,
It is not made for me,
You’ve pushed and shoved and taped and glued,
It simply will not be.

I’ve tried to walk the way you do,
I’ve tried to sing your key,
I always seem to be off tune,
It is not meant for me.

You ask me to be just like you,
A droplet in a sea,
But mine is red, the rest is blue,
Why can’t I simply be?

I cannot learn your silly dance,
I won’t bark up your tree,
Forget the rules, I’ll do my best,
To live my life as me.

For I was not made for this world,
I’m captive here you see,
The One who I am living for,
He died to set me free.

Until He comes, I’ll make my mark,
I’ll follow His decree,
To live a life of grace and love,
For people not like me.

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