Let’s get down to business.


Today I received my new business cards in the mail. I got them for $5 which may sound super sketchy, but my sister sent me a coupon from a very reliable source so I decided to give it a shot. I designed them online and, VIOLA! A week later I was greeted by a quaint little package at the campus post office:

*Pen not included in package. It was merely used to show the size of the cards and how awesome my pen is.

What’s super fun is that they are “mini cards” (www.us.moo.com) which means that they are half the size of a normal business card. Personally, I think they are pretty cute. Professionally, I think that they are eye-catching and will easily allow me to stand out among the vast pile of business cards that prospective employers are slowly building on their desktops. I can imagine my future boss sitting at his desk staring hopelessly at the mound of 3.5×2-inch paper rectangles that his secretary just plopped on his desk with instructions to “pick a new employee by nightfall”, anxiously trying to get home to his wife, three kids, and dog. Then, out of the mound of darkness, he sees a ray of light summoning him towards it. He takes my card in his hand (there is literally a ray of light on my business card) and raises it high into the air as he stands on his roly desk-chair, screaming, “Ye gads! I’ve found it! The lucky girl I’m going to hire.” Of course, his secretary, Sandra, rushes into the room in a blur of fear and confusion and tells him to get off the chair at once before his blood pressure skyrockets and promises to tell his mom that he was really golfing today when he told her that he had a cold and had to miss her birthday luncheon with her bridge club…

That’s basically what will happen.

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