MSC2: Cliche Motivational Poster

After the first week of classes, I ended up dropping my portfolio course. I like to think that it was because I needed to make room for my internship, but in reality I truly couldn’t handle my course load this semester and my current family/social woes (and my internship) added to my overwhelming stress. Thus, I sucked it up, tucked away my pride, and dropped a course for the first time in my life–after the add/drop date, too, I might add, leaving a nice big “W” on my transcript. But I couldn’t be any happier and have actually had “free time” for the first time in my college career. That being said, I still really liked the idea of making something cool (MSC) 30 times this semester and decided that I still want to strive toward that goal even though I won’t be getting a grade on it. It will be my way of paying penance to the enrollment gods (and will force me to be slightly productive when I run out of ways to spend all this free time I’ve suddenly acquired).

Now, you may be asking yourself, what did she make cool this time? I chose to write something and quickly accompanied it with some cliche visuals provided by some quick photoshopping skills which has resulted in what I like to call my best efforts at creating a hopelessly cheesy motivational poster that one might see hanging haphazardly on a middle-school English classroom wall. None the less, I thought the sentiment was cool:


2 thoughts on “MSC2: Cliche Motivational Poster

  1. Kyle M. Culver (@kmculver) says:

    Have you seen the De-Motivational posters?

    I’ve read some of your posts and have enjoyed reading them… on your visual representation of “A Day In My Life:” the earbuds not being ovaries was pretty funny.

    BTW, I ran across your Twitter page and blog from the @universifree account.


    1. Haley Gatewood says:

      I love de-motivational posters! My high school econ teacher used to make his own using penguins which were always hysterical.

      Thanks for checking out my stuff after following @universifree. It’s always good to hear from followers!

      Btw – sorry for taking so long to respond!

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