Things That Bug Me #2

Laser Hair Removal

This topic bugs me because of the fact that you are removing formerly secure follicles from their pleasantly porous homes and then permanently preventing hair from growing out of them again. There’s something about permanence that truly gives me the creeps. Mostly because you can’t take it back. No do-overs. Ever. If it grows there naturally you probably shouldn’t singe its sprouting location with a laser. Or anything for that matter. Unless you use a light saber, because that is just cool.

One thought on “Things That Bug Me #2

  1. Ali Gatewood says:

    its almost like folicle eviction!

    Call Dateline, 48 Hours, Anderson Cooper! Oprah would have a whole episode on this injustice. How can we stand here as Americans and watch silently as innocent hair folicles are being forced from their homes? and without just compensation! Atleast allow them to enroll in the National Hair Transplant program so they can be properly placed in a suitable housing facility. Not to mention the cost! Do taxpayers pay for this insanity!?

    wait… seriously, do taxpayers pay for hair removal? Is that covered by the national healthcare policy? …. as you can see I am bored.

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