Call me Mrs. Merriam-Webster.


Words I wish I could spell correctly on the first try:

  1. Delicious – I swear there’s another ‘s’ in there somewhere.
  2. Aesthetic – For once a word that is easier to spell if you have a lisp.
  3. Conscience – But what if I’m not conscious of my conscience?
  4. Peruse – Paruse. Puruse. Pursue. Persue. What word am I trying to spell again?

Words I should just start using less:

  • Just – It’s just so useful!

Words I should start using more:

  • Revivify – It feels funny when you say it.
Words that confuse me:
  • Humility – Supposedly a derivation of the word ‘humble’, this looks more like humiliation to me.
Clearly, it took me a little longer to write this post. In the hopes of finally being able to learn to spell these words I have forbidden myself from using spell-check. I must try until I get it right. Of course, I really hate it when I finally think I’ve spelled a word correctly and then Spell-check blinds me with it’s blaring red underline of doom. Gee, thanks, Spell-check for enabling me. Thanks for constantly reminding me that I have never won a spelling bee. Thanks for making my generation stupider…er more stupid. Aha! Take that Spell-check! Stupider isn’t a word! I got you this time!

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