OneShow NYC – Day 2

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This morning we met in the lobby at 9:30AM and walked to the OneShow headquarters to pick up our student info packets which were non-existant because JoElyn (the Temerlin Advertising travel lady) “forgot” to forward my professor the confirmation email. After sorting things out we determined that we were going to do two tours. The first didn’t start till 12:00PM so we were given the morning to do what we wanted. I went with my normal crew (Val and Wendy) and we walked to the Empire State Building (didn’t go to the top because it was super pricey – $21?!) and then moseyed around Rockefeller Center. Then we headed to Gotham NY (an ad agency) near Grand Central Station for our first tour. Gotham is a pretty small boutique agency and they do a lot of work for Chobani yogurt and are currently doing some online videos for Denny’s (on We got the downlow on their work and then got to talk with their Creative Department and hear first-hand about life at the agency. Sadly, Batman was unavailable for interview.

After the tour we had a bit of time to grab a snack and jack up on caffeine and then headed to our second location – Bogle Bartle Hegarty (BBH). We arrived at the building pleasantly early only to discover that we were in fact at the wrong location. With only 20 minutes to spare we had to travel across Manhattan and quickly. So we ran to the nearest Subway station and got there exactly on time (which was late since we wanted to get there early – but I blame Google Maps). Speaking of Google, during out tour of BBH we got to meet the Executive Creative Director for the Google Account and hear about some awesome new work that they are doing. We also got to look around the office and it was cool to see the inside of a large agency in contrast to Gotham’s small one. It’s nice to hear from people who are truly passionate about what they do, although the horror stories about working nights and weekends for the first two years gets a bit old…

After saying goodbye to BBH, we maneuvered our way back to the hotel area. We had to take two trains but we got there. Then Val and I ate a quick dinner at Qudoba before getting ready to go to the OneShow Design Awards cocktail reception and award ceremony. Thankfully I called ahead and asked for the dress code because I was the only one from our group who was dressed appropriately – score for the super-planner in me! The reception was kind of awkward because I suck at talking to people I don’t know, so I’m sorry to say that I just hung out with my group. However, the awards show was pretty interesting and recognized this year’s best in design.

My friend Wendy wanted to go visit her friend in West Village at a “rooftop party” and I told her I wanted to come with her – I figured it would be a cool experience. So the three os us (Val included) left the ceremony early and found our way there (I’m SO thankful for iPhone’s GPS). I felt kind of bad leaving the ceremony early, but I am so glad that I did, because the “party” ended up being the end-of-year gathering for a local young adult Christian ministry. There were about 8 people there plus a youth-leader and we got there just in time for them to start a prayer circle. They first asked all of us what we wanted for ourselves for the summer and then we did a open prayer. I decided I wanted to pray for the group and thank God for showing me that there are people all over who are equally interested in pursuing a relationship with Him and growing in community together. Right after me, my friend Wendy prayed for me. She thanked God that she was paired up with me and Valerie and that they would have been so lost without me. She prayed for my family and for me to continue being strong and resilient as we continue through this rough patch. I was brought to tears.I got up and gave her a hug and we kind of cried briefly together before Valerie and I had to leave (so we could get back to the hotel at a reasonable hour). It meant so much for me for her to do that and it was so encouraging to be surrounded by fellow believers. It’s amazing that on a rooftop of a New York apartment complex in the midst of strangers I could feel so loved. It was a really powerful moment and possibly the highlight of my week so far. I know that no matter what I do in life, whether it involve advertising or not, I will be doing it for God and on His terms. It’s great to know that He follows me wherever I go.

It’s hard to imagine that anything this week could top my experience tonight.

One thought on “OneShow NYC – Day 2

  1. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching – Hebrews 10:25

    this made my night :]

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