Send in the Gnomes


My campus is slowly being overtaken by sarcastic garden gnomes. They have been spotted hanging around the premises plastered to various buildings, accompanied by phrases that seem to be lacking sufficient context clues. The one pictured to the right was the first on the scene. It has since been joined by several of its friends who have set up camp at other locations around campus. I have yet to discover their purpose or if they mean to be friends. I see only two outcomes: the gnomes being part of a meaningless college prank that will fade with time OR forerunners to a soon-to-be-revealed guerilla marketing campaign. Clearly the latter is my personal favorite. I am eagerly waiting for the say when people dressed as gnomes arrive on campus toting some product or service – or public service announcement about college drinking – and all the posters make since. Till then, I am left befuddled, yet pleasantly surprised at each new arrival of animated lawn decoration.

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