I want to fly


I want to fly

I want to fly above the trees
And soar on wind amongst breeze
I want to do a thousand things
But I can’t without my wings.

I want to run away from here
And start a new life without fear
And find a place where I can be
But I cannot unless I’m free.

I want to walk with head held high
And see the whole world eye to eye
No longer staring at the ground
But my feet are always bound

I want to sing without a care
The words inside will fill the air
No longer stifled, I’ll rejoice
But I no longer have a voice

I want to breathe and let it out
My cares, my worries, in a shout
And rid myself of burdens bared
But I can’t seem to find the air

I want to cry with tears of lead
And curl up tightly in my head
Close out the world from getting in
But my skin is paper thin

I want to fight with all my might
And, breaking darkness, find the light
And shine for all the world to see
I want so much to just be me.

To fly, to run, to sing, to see,
I want so much to just be me.

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