I am an island.

“And a rock feels no pain;
And an island never cries.”

Loneliness is more than a feeling, it is a being.

It’s the sense that there is something missing and maybe that something is you. It is grasping in the darkness for something to hold on to. It is the drop in your stomach when that something isn’t there. The most painful part of loneliness is when you aren’t alone. You can be surrounded by a mass of people, but still feel as though you are the only one alive. There’s a yearning inside you to find a connection, find one thing to touch, to feel, to share with, to confirm, as only a fellow human can, that you can feel.

One thought on “I am an island.

  1. cparrott says:

    This type of writing fills a deep chasm in my literary soul. Oliver Wendell Holmes said something along the lines that when a mind is stretched it seldom returns to its original state. I appreciate you stretching my mind. Don’t let anybody tell you its too dramatic.

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