Act Your Age

I’m really getting tired of adults offering me alcohol even though they know that I’m underage. Actually, I feel like they offer it to me because I’m underage. My whole life I have been instructed to follow the law and respect my elders. Why, then, do my elders insist that I break the law? Often times, I find that they are either:

a. Astonished that I don’t drink

b. Don’t believe that I don’t drink

or c. Are offended that I don’t drink

Whatever the outcome, it never bodes well for me, especially when I explain why I do not and those around me get defensive. And I’m not looking forward to when I turn 21 (less than six months away) when I have to explain why I don’t drink even though I’m legally allowed to. Talk of alcoholism and addictive-personalities running in the family isn’t the greatest topic of conversation. I guess I’ll spend the next six months thinking up a more clever way of saying, “no thanks, I don’t drink.”

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