Return To Sender

Advertising, Prose

So I have this idea for either an ad or a short story, I’m not sure which. The medium will probably depend on what presents itself first and what is more useful.

I want to write a love story about a women who receives secret admirer love letters in her P.O. box. Every week she walks down the street to the post office, opens her box, and reaches inside to discover yet another hand written letter. Turns out that her secret admirer is a young writer who works part time as a mail boy in the post office. Gathering her courage, the women decides to write back. Although she has no address or name she has a hunch that maybe, just maybe, he is on the other side. Finally, one day, she goes to the post office early, the same time that he is dropping his letter off in her box. And they meet each other, for the very first time, through the little mail box slot. Scene ends with the two of them smiling.

A bit cheesy, maybe. But I think if executed well, I can make this really something. Now I just have to work out the details.

Oh, and don’t steal my idea unless you plan on cutting me a share.

5 thoughts on “Return To Sender

  1. Creative thoughts like this are wonderfiul – the perfect product or company will present itself and it will all just fall in to place – thanks

  2. And the last letter is a hallmark card! I can see it now! I love your blog, and I love how your sentences are constructed to convey such meaning. Keep it up friend!

  3. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Les Miserables with Claire Danes, but this reminds me of one of my favorite scenes. very sweet

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