The Disney Vault 2


Now let me bring you the second installment of my rant on the Disney “Vault”- hold your breath. I just saw a commercial explaining how the re-mastered DVD version of “Alice in Wonderland” is now available. Get it while you can! What I found interesting is that it was not previously in the Vault and is not being put in the Vault. Instead, Disney has hit the jackpot and found a legitimate reason to re-release one of their classic’s: the new live-action “Alice”. So, I lied, this isn’t a rant. I’m actually writing this to comment on how lucky Disney is. I mean, they’ve been dying for a reason to get the public to repurchase their merch and then suddenly a perfectly good excuse magically appeared (probably with some help from the fact that they pretty much have the rights to Wonderland). So I applaud you, Disney mega-company. Bravo, good fellow.

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