Grab Hold


It’s weird being a twin sometimes. And I’m not just talking about normal strange twin occurrences. I’m talking about my own personal experiences being a multiple. Right now I find it strange because we are just now getting to the point where we are branching off into two totally different careers – she has financial economics, I have creative advertising. It has been one of the first major forks that we have met on our formally two lane road, diverging our paths and separating our lanes. What I find most interesting is that she has been getting more attention for her particular path. You see, my Dad is in real estate and my sister’s career easily translates into something he understands, something he can say something about, something he can have an input in. Me? I am majoring in something he doesn’t understand, something he doesn’t seem to deem worthy, something frivolous and decorative. I almost feel as thought he thinks it is a lark that I will someday get over and move on to more important matters. It’s interesting to me how sometimes instead of trying to understand the thing that you find incomprehensible, people ignore it and choose to focus all of their energies on the thing that they do understand, charging headfirst into already chartered waters. Why not take the time to learn, the time to discover? Take a leap and grab hold of something, anything. Even the smallest bit of understanding can help build a connection to the unknown. If you have a map, the waters don’t seem as threatening. If you have a light, the darkness doesn’t seem so dark. Turns out you may discover that a lark is more than just a lark.

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