Stopping The "Flow"


A wall has been erected between my soul and brain,
A loss of communication that will never be the same,

The things I yearn to get across can’t seem to breach at all,
The beatings of my heart just seem to echo off the wall.

Deep within my soul there is a message I want heard,
But without a grapple, my brain will never hear a word,

The wall is growing higher and as thick as thick could be,
The separation’s growing and it is dissecting me.

Now I feel as though I am living two inside of one,
They both refuse a fusion and I think they may have won.

The line that stands between them is an overwhelming force,
It had appeared from nowhere and I cannot find the source.

The wall is growing bigger and bigger by the day,
And I can no longer hear what my poor heart has to say,

My creativity defeated, my heart muted by my brain.
Unless I find a wrecking ball, my mind will never be the same.

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