Digging A Hole

Okay. I’ve gotten good responses on four of my advertising roughs for these blasted Baskin-Robbins Hard Candies. The four lucky ideas?

1. “Simplify Your Snacking” with a visual displaying the complications that come with adding copious amounts of toppings to your ice cream, inferring that, with BR Hard Candy, you can escape the complications and just eat your ice cream in peace.
2. “Annoying ice cream song not included” with a visual of an ice cream truck surrounded by crazy music notes. My prof said that he liked how I related it to ice cream without actually talking about ice cream… I think he called it a “nuance”.
3. “Finally, eat a whole gallon at once!” with a visual of a gallon of ice cream next to a ruler scale to show that it is really tiny. My prof said that he liked the picture concept, to scratch the line, and to work on the idea overall.
4. “Put a Parlor in Your Purse” – sadly, for the life of me I cannot remember what my prof’s comments about this one was… all I know is that his squiggly sign of approval is in the upper righthand corner and that he mentioned it in class and something about parlors being for people who wear too much makeup…
So, although I’m thrilled that a few of my ideas have been deemed “workable”, I’m at a loss as to what to do with them now. I just can’t seem to see past what I already have. I know I need to dig inside each shell of an idea and drag something clever and creative kicking and screaming out into the world. Now, only to find the shovel.

One thought on “Digging A Hole

  1. Haley says:

    Final Campaign? Brain (anti) FreezeSugar (free) Rush(for) Get the ScoopI think it's funny how my finished campaign had nothing to do with the ideas listed in this post. Oh well, so goes the creative process of the brain – some good ideas often become totally useless.

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