Rant of Frustration or "We All Scream For Ice Cream"

Advertising, Rant

Okay. So I’ve decided that I have discovered far too many ways to use the “circ-tangle” than necessary…and still they are all basically the same. I’m at 56 out of 100 ads due by Tuesday. Almost there. Now I’m trying to explore possible visual solutions to my problem (most of mine have been words). I just don’t know where to start. My target – moms, diabetics, and the health-conscious. What am I trying to tell them? That ice cream flavored candy exists and it is sugar-free with no funny aftertaste. When I picked this product I thought, “hey, it’s the best of both worlds – ice cream and candy – how hard can it be?” The answer: Very. I’ve exploited every cheesy phrase describing how it’s ice cream that “melts in your mouth, not your hands”. I’ve explored the tense interaction between the candy and ice cream families and their disapproval of the new union of their offspring. If it were a commercial I’d probably suggest a West Side Story scenario in which Mr. Candy – the leader of the south-side gang- has a fling with Ms. Cream – the young naïve socialite. You see how useless my brain has been lately?

I think I’ve got some good ideas surrounded by a lot of rubbish. I think my main problem is trying to solve all of the problems at once…or am I solving too little? I’ve decided that one major problem is trying to get the consumer to buy into the idea of an ice cream flavored anything. So I’ve spent many thumbnails addressing that point. Also, how can I mix the Baskin-Robbins legacy with their new innovation? 31.5 flavors? Mr. Baskin and Mr. Robbins’ love child? My biggest frustration is that, although dated 2009, their hard-candy website is outdated – they have photos of the old packaging and old candy shape and old flavors. Grrr.
You scream, I scream, I’m starting to hate ice cream. And candy. My tummy isn’t too fond of it either.

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