Father Abraham

christianity, Ponderings

So I was reading Genesis the other day and I found myself reading the chapter where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his favorite son Isaac as an offering. Abraham obeys, and right before he lights his son up in flames God sends an angel to stop him and tells him that he is a faithful man and righteous in the eyes of the Lord and that he needn’t sacrifice his son at all. Overall, this story is a great one, illustrating how faithful Abraham was. However, as I was reading this excerpt, a thought flashed in my mind – what was Isaac thinking while he allowed his father to tie him to the altar and begin to light it? I’d like to imagine that Isaac was stoic and silent, knowing the importance of the sacrifice, feeling honored to be considered a gift fit for sacrifice (usually the best goat or other animal), trusting that both his earthly father and his heavenly Father knew what they were doing. Of course that would fit the story wonderfully, a faithful father and son, fearlessly obeying their Lord. Can you imagine what Isaac would have done if it were present day? A day where we refuse to put our faith and trust in God? I would imagine that Isaac would have tried to stop his father, fight with him, tell him that he was crazy, tell him that His God was not real, that he should stop listening to thin air, because (of course) he would have lost the desire to “honor thy father and mother” like most of us have. Abraham would have tried to persuade his favorite son that he knew what was best for him, that he loved him and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him unless there was a higher purpose behind it. Isaac would have told him to mind his own business, that it was his life and he had the right to choose his own fate.

What has happened to the faith of our generation?

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