Where the Albino Buffalo Roam

Yesterday, I came across an article describing how the first albino buffalo has been discovered in a Kenyan Park. The article goes on to explain that “its lighter colour will make it a more noticeable target for predators…”, and that in Kenya there is a “cultural stigma against albinos… among [part of the population] that live near the park could also create a threat.” Apparently the young buffalo could be considered with a bad omen which could cause it to be feared by the people and consequently be a victim to poachers. But no, Animal lovers were ecstatic over the discovery. The article raved, “this is the first time that an albino buffalo has been found in our parks and it’s a great day for nature and animals lovers.” Oh sure, it’s an accomplishment for nature and the talented people who were able to spot a lone white creature among a group of black ones (good job, guys), but what about the poor little freak of nature buffalo? I’d say its a sad day for him. He had successfully hidden from the world thus far, only to be pointed out for ALL the world to see. Thank goodness lions don’t read Yahoo! News.

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