Clap On. Clap Off.

Oh the wonders of random appliance informercials. Where would we be without the joy that they bring us? Reminding us that nothing is free (unless you provide shipping and handling) and if it costs it can be done in three easy payments of $29.99. They comfort us, reminding us that the announcer guy is alive and well and making a lot of money, for what would we do without his sweet, serenading voice?

One of my personal favorites is the Clapper, an obscure looking box that has unrelinquishing power on your lighting fixtures. With a single hand movement it allows you to borrow its power and command your lights to do amazing things – either to turn on… or off. Sometimes I wish that more things in life were like the Clapper… like television, microwaves, people… it would make everyday living much simpler and more relaxed if you could just clap away your problems. Can’t find the remote? Clap it on. Not in the kitchen to catch your meal before it is microwaved into oblivion? Clap it off. Can’t stop you-know-who from gabbing relentlessly in your ear when you have a plane to catch? Clap him off. Wouldn’t it be grand? It would definitely make like sweeter… until the batteries run out, or the collector comes for your third ‘easy’ payment.

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