A Message From My Future


Dear Self;

I know that you were freaking out about all that stuff you wanted to accomplish in the future, well, here I am and everything worked out fine, so stop worrying about it all the time! Maybe if you hadn’t worried so much I wouldn’t have this many gray hairs…
Mom and Dad are fine, both living with -you guessed it- Luke and his wife, as cranky as ever, complaining that the old folks home down the road would have better service. Figures.
Ali and you move apart from each other after graduation because of a job opportunity you get up north at a swanky ad boutique. Don’t worry though, you will still have monthly “twin meetings” together – again, stop with the worrying!
Overall your life turns out pretty well, at least this far has been nice. You make it into the creative program (you’ll be really excited even though I ruined the surprise) and, with a lot of hard work, you excel. You graduate (in time) and work your way up from entry-level copywriter to creative director at a firm you like working at. Later you transfer to one of those big creative firms that Dr. Griffin talked about in class (you know, the Innovators) and love every minute of it. Within a few years you’re wanted at every major ad firm in the country. But, of course you don’t take the offers because you don’t want to uproot your family, which ticks potential employers off, but your husband is pleased.
There are some things that have yet to be accomplished but I’m working on it… like your book, which is on the publisher’s desk at the moment. Oh, and you never quite make it to Scotland… you fly over it on your way to Stockholm, but that’s as close as you get. Believe me, you’ll visit places that will make Scotland look like a dinky golf course.
So, now that I have hopefully put your mind at ease I’ll tell you what I’m working on right now: running an organization that focuses on making ads that are ethical and don’t compromise the morals that are necessary for our planet. It’s been hard work, but we’ve gotten a good number of the big firms involved, as well as a score of the little ones. Every bit helps! And it’s the reason you got into advertising in the first place, so you don’t mind the extra effort.
I hope this letter finds you well (be careful this winter, you catch a pretty nasty cold!) and I’ll see you in the future!
-Future You

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