[Danger: Endangered]


Keeping the whole green-movement in mind (my sister lovingly refers to me as a “tree hugger”, although I personally consider myself more of a “tree high-fiver”) I have begun to wonder what would happen if flora and fauna were to become classified as endangered species. Technically they are species and have the potential to become threatened or endangered, and so I have found it a bit bothersome that there is not an endangered species program for the plants of our planet. I took Environmental Science in high school and learned A LOT about plants and animals alike, but the majority of the legislation in existence is for the animals. Now, of course there are forces present like the Department of the Interior and several small plant conservation organizations, but there is no classification system that I am aware of for plant-life.

What if we treated endangered plant-life like we do endangered wildlife? Could you imagine a vast movement to tag every plant with an “endangered” or “threatened” label? Now, I’m not talking about solely in places like arboretums which are sad excuses for plant sanctuaries. Imagine taking a hike up a mountain or going on a walk through your local park and observing not only the trees and the shrubs and wild flowers, but also the plastic placards that describe their location, needed-nutrients, and level of endangerment. Wooden stake signs scattered across fields pointing out the various shrubbery, labels on an assortment of seeds and nuts. That’s probably why we don’t do it. It would cause more pollution (littering) than it would help.

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