A True April Fool


After successfully protecting myself from any surprise attack by a cruel April Fool, I can now say that I have escaped the holiday (more pointless in my opinion than Pi Day) without a scratch. Of course, I may never really know if I surfaced unharmed because I still may be targeted by the Conficker worm… what? I heard about this computer virus yesterday when I was informed that some computer geek decided to release a deadly (electronically so, I suppose, assuming that otherwise his attempts could be classified as mass-murder – at least this time there is no KoolAid involved) computer virus on April 1st. I’m sure that most people assume that this kid is a genius, basking in his own intelligence and wreaking havoc on us poor ‘underlings’ because he has already utilized earth’s happiness resources and needs something more interesting to do. But I think otherwise. This kid must be pretty UNintelligent, because EVERYONE knows that on April Fools Day you play a trick that turns out not to be a trick at all, your reward being the sheer joy of screaming in the faces of your victims the words “April Fools!”. Obviously this guy (or girl…we have to be PC) missed the point. Unless this person of indeterminate gender makes an April Fools announcement, I think he fails. At least, that’s what I would do.

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