An Appointment With The Earth


Earth Hour was this weekend and I missed it. I find it interesting that every time Earth Hour comes around I conveniently forget… how can someone forget something that the whole earth is celebrating (or supposed to be celebrating)? Well, I did. During this momentous occasion I was on a Daddy-Daughter Date with my dad at a swanky restaurant in downtown McKinney. I’m sure if I had remembered the glorious hour of self-inflicted darkness I could have requested the owner of the restaurant to darken all of the lights in his prized establishment and enjoy the pride of having painfully participated, but that might have come across strangely. So, according to the Earth Hour website, because I did not turn off my lights in favor of the Earth I have cast a vote for global warming… who the heck would willfully ‘vote’ for global warming? Regardless of if it exists or not, that’s like inviting a burglar over to peruse through your valuables or showing an axe-murderer where your loaded gun collection is. I think that is stupid… unless of course big businesses did cast their vote for the downfall of the earth so that they can continue doing whatever eco-unfriendly practices they do.

I just think that people need to realize that we don’t have time to save the earth, we have so many better things we can be doing, like parasailing, bar-hopping, gambling, belly-dancing, and so forth. The world just is far too busy to care.

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