Like A Sore Thumb


So, I was inside the local high school visiting some people and this made my day. I was sincerly pleased to see this amazing representation of individuality, of breaking away from the crowd. I asked my friend (who graduated from the school last year) if he knew whose it was and he said “Oh, that thing? That’s where we keep the fire extinguisher.” Ofcourse. One of the few true examples of anti-conformity was ordained by the rules of society, otherwise it wouldn’t have existed. I love how many people say that they are ‘fighting the system’ and ‘sticking it to the man’ but in realty they are merely following a crowd of like-minded people, doing what society told them they could do. Those who are truly standing out do just that – stand out. And they are usually ridiculed and ostracized for it. True, uninfluenced individuality is hard to find, expecially in our society.

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