Am I Missing Something?


have been trying to remember to photograph this billboard for the past three months and I have finally succeeded (with a little help from my friends). It has been sitting on the side of Central Expressway and driving me crazy (pardon the pun)… I don’t understand it whatsoever. Logically, it must be inferring that, unlike other wireless service providers, there are no hidden fees attached to their unlimited text plans, but, all I see is UN(hidden fee)’D… which to me seems to infer that they are saying “don’t be fooled by our nifty offer! we in fact have an abundance of hidden fees within our plans! just thought we’d let you know before you trust us with your phone plan!” I know that it is most likely the former explanation – it has to be! – but I still can’t get over the idea that this is simply horrible, and confusing,  advertising… am I missing something?

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