Times of Peril

Poetry, Ponderings
“Why is life so cold?
Why do we grow old
Without knowing,
Where we’re going,
Until death has set us free?
And why do I feel so far?
Things are never what they are,
Life is fading,
The world’s degrading,
And taking hold of me.”

This reminds me of how confusing life can be, especially at times like these. We are in the midst of an economic crisis that shows so signs of turning around any time soon. We are on the verge of beginning war-like relations with yet another country overseas. We are facing the danger of a poor health care system that needs fixing, an economic stimulus plan that will just put us farther and farther in debt. The only stories you see on the news are those of death, destruction, peril, danger, and fear. For me, the only constant I see is my Faith, as I trust that the Lord will see us through these times as he has before, if He is willing. Other than that, life makes no promises, and has no regrets. My father told me a while ago that the only thing you can truly trust, hands down, in this world is God, not your friends, not your family, and certainly not the rest of the world. And that’s what I remind myself when the clouds ahead look ominous and uninviting – You can’t trust anything that life throws at you, you just have to find something to hold on to and hold on tight.

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