Medicine verses The Arts


Yesterday I went to the doctor to get a physical, something that I have been anxiously awaiting, full of glee and excitement, for some time now (NOT!).  Anywho, as I was sitting on the little bed thing that they have in all the little rooms (if you know what they are called, please let me know!) waiting for the doctor to come in and do whatever doctors do, I decided that it is my duty alone to inform physicians everywhere that their selection of art is atrocious. How many times have you been in a doctor’s office and took notice of how horribly decorated (artistically speaking) the area is. I think that going to the doctor would be less of a bore (and possibly even less nerve-racking) if there was something remotely stimulating to look at while awaiting the looming visit… and it didn’t look like a scene from a horror flick. I will personally champion the cause for better arts in the medical community. Maybe if we commission artists to help in this endeavor then it will help the economy… step two of my economic stimulus plan.

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