Advertising, Rant
Today my mom took us to Old Navy in attempts to find some spring clothes (which is always really hard to do there) and she pointed out something that I found really interesting. There new ad campaign involves using mannequins instead of models. My mom made the observation that it was most likely an attempt to lower their ad costs by eliminating the need for live talent. Which made me think – in an effort to decrease the unemployment rate caused by the recent economic recession why don’t we use Old Navy’s stunt as an example but in reverse… why don’t we start using live models instead of mannequins? Partially subsidized by the government (instead of paying for the bailout), it would provide a lot of jobs for those needing it as well as an accurate depiction of what the clothes actually look like on actual people. All the new employees would have to do is be willing to stand in a store window or aisle for several hours at a time and answer questions about the merchandise. Perfect solution… if only it were that easy.

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