Tomorrow is 3/3/09, or “Square Root Day” as it is lovingly referred to by lovers of math the world over. Apparently this only happens nine times every century, which makes me beg the question “Who cares?”. There are so many random ‘holidays’ like “Talk like a Pirate Day”, “Velociraptor Appreciation Day”, and the always confusing “Opposite Day”… but why? I guess to make life a little more interesting. Nothing reverses the monotony of everyday life like waking up to discover an obscure holiday on your calendar. Like “Free Hug Day”, which gives you an excuse to give out an unnecessary amount of hugs to people you may or may not know – who can argue with that? Mostly, I think that people just like to make days ‘special’, to give them something to look forward to. So I guess the next random holiday in our future is “Pi Day” (3/14), hopefully some of it is edible.

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