Nature’s Bounty

I’ve always found it very interesting how so many of our technological innovations have been ‘borrowed’ from nature. I’m sure if you tried you could think of at least five inventions that have had had some major influence from the environment – dandelions and helicopters, airplanes and birds, swimming pools and ponds, umbrellas and trees, rope and vines. Our interaction with the environment has helped stem hundreds of different forms of transportation, communication, and recreation, helping us become the technological species that we are today. What gets me though, is this: We have utilized our view of nature to create new and amazing things that, in turn, destroy our environment. We are killing our own muses. Now, although I love my planet and find it terrible interesting to observe, I’m not trying to go all “save the earth” on you, but I do think that if we are to use nature to help generate millions of new ideas then we should at least give it its fair share of credit… and maybe a little help here and there so that it can continue to help us in the future.

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