Mind Block


Writers’ block. It can be considered the common cold of the writer’s world – it can come upon you at any moment in any weather in any mood and can stay with you for what seems like an eternity, keeping your brain stuffed with a mental snot that clogs your creative arteries and keeps you continuously trying to force it out, only wasting paper in the process and making your brain raw. I feel like I may be catching writers’ block at this very moment. I can sense it coming, like the pre-illness aches that accompany almost every physical sickness only I can feel it deep within the pockets of my mind. Now, I know that in a previous post I described the benefits that illness can bring, but when it comes to the disabling nature of this common disorder, the benefits seem slim… actually, they appear to be non-existent. Alas, the only remedy I can pursue is feeding myself some mental chicken-noodle soup (filling my brain with nonsensical information, usually a soap opera or work of historical fiction) and giving my mind time to sleep it off (there’s no metaphor for this… I actually mean sleeping). Hopefully my sinuses will clear and I can breath again…

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