Gooses or Geeses?

I found this editorial cartoon on The Onion’s website, I know that it’s a wee bit outdated but it made me laugh. For some reason unknown to me, anything involving Canada seems to be funny. I have no clue why. I know a lot of people from Canada and they are just as human as any other person. I guess Canada is just an easy target…maybe we’re jealous that we can’t stay out of the news as well as they can, or out of wars as easily as they do, or provide free health care for our citizens (the taxes are crazy high there, mind you). I’ve never been there, but I totally would go if they received more sunlight and spoke less french (I took spanish). But, I digress. This cartoon meant more to me than poking fun at Canada, it actually made me realize that many people refuse to accept simple answers or excuses for anything, feeling the need to satisfy their curiosity or need for justice with something unreasonable complex. Now, I know, of course, that The Onion specializes in sarcasm, but behind every source of sarcasm there is always an ounce of truth. And it makes me sad that people are so feeling to point fingers to others (mainly governmental organizations or authority figures) just to make the suck-ish things in the world “make sense”.

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